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Working Dogs
Detroit Security can provide both national and International Explosive Detection and Drug Detection Teams.

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Explosives Detection:
Detroit Security's Canine Teams provide mobility with extremely accurate detection rates. Our canine teams are able to complete searches 600 to 700 percent faster than traditional manned teams, helping our clients achieve savings of actual security costs. Canines have proven to be approximately 40 percent more accurate than traditional, non-canine security forces when compared in identical situations.

Trained to give passive alerts
Detect 20 explosive compounds and core odors to 1 Gram
Trained to detect weapons including pistols, rifles and ammunition
Trained utilizing actual "live explosives"
Trained specifically for our clients needs
Trained with experienced, on-site personnel
ARE NOT trained for attack and/or patrol work

Drug Detection:

Detroit Security works with school and government officials, and law enforcement agencies providing a reliable method of checking dorm rooms, teachers lounges, cafeterias, lockers, purses, bags, clothing and vehicles for illegal drugs. Teams Detect Cocaine, Heroin, Marijuana, Methaphetamines, LSD and Ecstasy.

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