Intrernational Security

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Mission Statement
Detroit Security's mission is to reduce our clients' exposure to hostile threats through a proven method of strategic planning & execution of Tier 1 program, anti-terrorism management.

Top Level Personnel
Detroit Security has extensive experience providing Emergency Response, Static Patrol, Mobile Patrol and Personal Protection teams in "hostile" environments. We are experienced in providing services on a global basis, our personnel are highly trained specialists in anti-terrorism and counteraction measures recruited from Seal Team Six, Delta Force, Marine Recon, Army Rangers, Green Berets other Seal teams, Intelligence, Law Enforcement, and Local Nationals.

Explosive Ordinance Detection - Canines
Detroit Security has developed a strategic alliance with the largest provider of explosive detection canines in Iraq, who is based out of the US. They have dozens of documented finds of explosive materials as well as identifying vehicles and persons that were later found to have explosive materials. Service has been provided in the U.S., Panama, Iraq, Kuwait and El Salvador; in many cases for the US Military.

Base Camp / Man Camp
Detroit Security has substantial experience in the construction, operation and maintenance of residential/man camps at locations including Al-Hillah Iraq, Panama, Grenada, Union Camp (Virginia) Fort AP Hill (Virginia) etc.

In most cases, we arrived on site with very limited resources on hand. Due to the urgency to establish a functional camp, a very high level of expertise was required. MSC personnel were able to succeed in a rapid and efficient fashion, resulting in high morale among personnel, lower medical costs and better performance from personnel, especially those protecting life and property.

Logistical Support
Detroit Security can provide airlift, freight forwarding and air charter services in most countries including Iraq, Afghanistan, Southeast Asia and Saudi Arabia.

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