Worker's Compensation Fraud

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One of the most common types of fraud being committed across the United States is worker's compensation fraud. This costs Americans $5 billion dollars a year. Workers involves labor compensation fraud when they are not able to present or manipulate information for them to acquire financial aid that they are not lawfully permitted to. In some instances the employee making the fraudulent claim is working in collaboration with a medical physician who submits false medical reports suggesting that the employee is not able to return to work and requires further on going treatment and possible rehabilitation. The doctors involve in the fraud by asking for bills on the insurance firm for the ongoing illness treatment of the worker. Another advantage to the employee is that in almost every case the employee is represented by a Union attorney who responds quickly. Our keen investigators will respond immediately to a work-related injury and document the chain of events and parties responsible for the injury or death. Our certified investigators use the latest art of technology to provide high quality photographic and video (including night shot) documentation and evidence.

How Can You Prevent Worker's Compensation Fraud?

If you suspect a co-worker or employee of having a fake injury, contact your employer or supervisor. Help put an end to this fraud that has resulted in companies across the country claiming bankruptcy and thousands of layoffs. Some companies have provided employees with toll free tip lines to report fraud.

Here are some patterns of behaviors that may suggest that an employee is falsely claiming to have sustained an injury on the job:

  • Claims to have suffered an injury, but no one else witnessed it.
  • Provides different stories of how they got injured on the job.
  • Delays seeking medical treatment for their injury.
  • Appears to have been injured while off work.
  • Appears to have been injured before being terminated from their job, or prior a planned strike.
  • Has a record of filing multiple claims.

Worker's Compensation Fraud and the Law

In some states employees caught engaging in workman's compensation fraud could be required to repay the full amount of money they unlawfully claimed plus court cost and fines.
Employers found committing the worker's compensation fraud could also face felony charges if they knowingly alter payroll with the number of hours workers put in to the Labor and Industries department. The employer will also be held responsible for up to ten times the difference in payments due and the expense of checking the employer's records and books.
In most states, employee's compensation fraud and scammers are given serious fine for it.

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